Welcome readers and wanderers alike! My name is Rachel and I’ve decided to put some of my thoughts online where I can never take any of my opinions back. The title of my page, Books and Cleverness, comes from a line in my all time favorite book series (who’s with me?) Harry Potter. As a book lover, and avid reader (my insanely huge collection just keeps growing) I thought I’d make some good use of my thoughts on books, and really anything that crosses my path – that’s where the ramblings come in! I’m a creative writer and editor, and have been looking for a little zen outlet for all of my thoughts that never get put into the written word.

I’m also proud to say that Books and Cleverness has recieved the One Lovely Blog Award! Woo!

You can follow my blog via e-mail in the box on the right, and if you have any questions, or even just want to say hi, my e-mail address is simple: rachel@booksandcleverness.com. Hope to hear from you soon!

So let’s get started, shall we?

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