Life is Short

Hi blog family! I just wanted to put out a little public service announcement. The past week has been incredibly difficult with the loss of my boyfriend’s amazing mother.

I can’t pretend that this hasn’t changed either of us in a huge way, and I can’t say that it isn’t a really sad time right now. What I can say is that life is too short. Enjoy the people you love while you can, because you never know when they’ll be gone.

This can also be said for doing something you love. Life is too precious to be doing something that doesn’t interest you. Life is too short to sit at a desk for forty hours a week being chronically unhappy. If you have a dream, go for it. If you can see the potential in yourself, then others will see it too.

If you put the work in and you’re willing to fall down and keep getting back on the horse, then you’ll have succeeded.

I’ve been listening to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ The Heist and there’s a line in the first song that says,

The greats weren’t great because at birth they could paint,

The greats were great because they paint a lot.”

It’s true for a lot of things. You’re never going to be great the first time. But if you’re passionate and you’re willing to fight for what you want, you’ll get there.

In the meantime, tell the people you love that you love them. Tell your friends thank you for being there. And don’t be too hard on yourself. You’ll get there.

Until next time,



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