Book Club???

Hi blog friends! This post is going to be incredibly short, so I’ll just get to the point:

Does anyone want to do an online book club?

I’m on Goodreads, which is an awesome app for anyone who really enjoys reading and sharing their opinions. You can log the books you’ve read or want to read and can categorize them in any way that you want. It’s really spectacular. Nevertheless, every year they have a reading resolution where you can set a goal for yourself. For example, I’ve decided that over the course of 2016 I will read 15 books.

I know, I know. Fifteen books isn’t that much. But that’s my point: I want to surpass it and see how much more I can read. I have a busy schedule and it’s with a heavy heart that I say (and you know) that I haven’t been writing or reading as much recently. I used to get into bed at 9pm and read until 11pm and I would just plow through books. But now I’m in bed at 9pm and asleep by 10pm, and read maybe 50 pages a night. It’s a rough life.

Hopefully that’ll change this year, though. I thought the best way for me to commit to reading the books I’ve been wanting to read (in a more timely manner, of course) is by starting a Books and Cleverness book club. We read fifteen books over the course of the next 11 months, and I’ll write my reviews on them and we can share our opinions in the comments or you can e-mail me (my e-mail address is

If anyone is interested I’d be more than happy to pick some books that I’ve wanted to read or you can give me some ideas of books you want to read and we can combine them and create our own book club!

I’d just like to end this by saying even if no one wants to do a book club with me, DAMNIT, I’M DOING IT ON MY OWN!

Get ready, 2016. Books and Cleverness is gonna read aaaaall over you.

Until next time,


P.S. Happy Anniversary Books And Cleverness!!

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